150Mbps USB Wifi N and Bluetooth Adaptor

150Mbps USB Wifi N and Bluetooth Adaptor

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USB WIFI+BT wireless 2-in-1 adapter, conforms to IEEE802.11B, IEEE802.11G, IEEE802.11N wireless W transmission standard, WIFI maximum transmission rate up to 150Mbps.
Standard wireless ACC air channel detection technology is adopted to avoid channel interference when the wireless model interferes with the surrounding, so that the wireless signal is more stable.
When the interference disappears, the idle channel can be automatically bundled, and the advantage of bundling can be fully utilized to improve the wireless performance.
Not only that, because most computers on the market do not have Bluetooth function, this product can make Bluetooth multi-function applications instantly available for devices without Bluetooth; for example: Bluetooth speaker/headphone, Bluetooth mouse/keyboard, wireless printing, wireless transmission picture And share; can save you a USB interface for the computer, save the cost of buying a wireless WIFI network card, and enjoy the happiness of wireless Internet


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