GaN USB TYPE C + USB PD+QC 65W Power Adapter

GaN USB TYPE C + USB PD+QC 65W Power Adapter

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This GaN fast charger will charge your tablet or phone in a flash. It offers you a total of USB-A and USB-C portsYou can count on the charger being safe and reliable. It has undervoltage protection. The power output of the charger reaches 65 W.

  • Very fast wall charger
  • Charging uses 2 connectors
  • Charging interface is USB-A and USB-C
  • Total charging output: 65 W
  • Undercurrent protection
  • colour: white
  • Charging speed depends on the total power of a charger (W) and the maximum power that can be used to charge the device that is being charged.
  • If the charger provides more power than the device supports, the power supplied is automatically reduced so that the device is not damaged in any way.


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