2×2 Video Wall Controller Screen Image Processor (HDMI 1.4v)

2×2 Video Wall Controller Screen Image Processor (HDMI 1.4v)

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2×2 Video Wall Controller support 1-way HDMI /DVI input and 4 HDMI Output, the main function is to divide a complete HDMI HD image signal into 4 blocks and assign to 4 video display unit (such as Rear projection unit, LCD TV, etc), Complete with 4 HDMI high-definition video display units to form a large dynamic image screen

2×2 Video Wall Controller Processor 1×2 1×3 1×4 2×1 3×1 4×1 4K HDMI video wall controller TV Video Stitching Wall Processor.

• HDMI Video Wall Controller: HDMI TV wall processor can distribute one HDMI or DVI input signal device (DVD, TV Box, Xbox, Roku, Computer etc.) to 4 HDMI outputs display screens simultaneously, which via LCD splicing screens can form a complete dynamic large video wall screen and digital signage displays, bring you an amazing visual experience. NOTE: Please use the Professional Video Walls instead of TVs.
• 1080P HD Display Resolution: This 4K HDMI LED video wall controller is compliant with HDCP 1.4 and HDMI 1.4, HDMI & DVI input can support resolution can up to 4K@30Hz, including 3840x2160P @24/ 30Hz, 1920x1080P@25/ 30/ 50/ 60Hz; the HDMI output resolution can support 1920x1080P@60Hz. It also has an individual 3.5mm stereo audio and optical SPDIF port can connect to the external speaker, amplifier, sound bar etc. Please set the resolution of all screens to 1080p to ensure work well.
• 8 Adjustable Display Modes: This 2×2 HDMI video image processor can connect up to 4 LCD TVs or other displays, which can support multiple display modes, such as 2×2, 1×1, 1×2, 1×3, 1×4, 4×1, 3×1, 2×1. All this modes provides variety splicing options, can easily switch the modes through the IR remote control without getting up or press the “Switch” key at the TV wall controller. Also support RS 232 advanced remote-control.
• 180° Screen Rotation & Edge Mask: With the rotation function, you can flip the image of HDMI output 1 & output 2 to 180 degree, which can adjust the screens in an orientation with the thinnest edges, reduce the thick middle border. And the edge mask function can correct and align the bezels and image edges, making the multiple screens more comfortable. NOTE: 180° rotation can work only in 2×2 mode, and the output resolutions NOT more than 1080P@60Hz.

HDMI TV Video Wall Controller Processor 2×2 1080P 60Hz 1X2 1X4 1X3 2X1 3×1 4X1 Wall Video Controller Stitching Processor Splicer

Support 1 HDMI-Compatible input
Support input HDMI-Compatible
Support 4 HDMI-Compatible outputs
Support 1 x 3.5mm Jack audio with 2.0CH audio
Support 1 x Optical SPDIF audio with 5.1CH audio
Support input 4K 30Hz,1920x1080P,24/30/50/60HZ,and lower resolution
Support output resolution 1920x1080P
Support multiple splicing modes, easy to operate, plug and play
Multi screen splicing “seamless mixing
Porous design convection heat dissipation
Non slip design is stable and non slip

How I could use the 180-degree rotation on it?
If you want to use the 180° rotate, there are two conditions. 1. 2×2 mode, it means you need 4 screens. 2. your input and output devices need to be no more than 1080P@60HZ. If your output devices are 4K, please adjust it to 1080P.
Why is there no sound?
Please make sure that your input and output device is 1080P.
Our product has updated the software and it can support the audio out to any kind of TV.
It does really work with the audio out.
Why is the remote not work?
Please check your input and output device’s resolution is 1080P. It can work properly in the resolution of 1080P.
How to do if it doesn’t work with the 1×3 portrait mode?
Please adjust the resolution to 1080P of the input and output device.
Note that:Please use the 2×2 mode if you want to use on the game. It will show great on the 2×2 mode.

Package List:
1xTV Video wall controller
1x DC Power adapter
1xRemote control(without battery)
1xUser manual


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