PCMCIA to Serial Port Card

PCMCIA to Serial Port Card 32 bit PC card

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The RS-232 Serial CardBus Adaptor provides a simple and easy way to add additional port to a wide variety of portable systems. The Serial Port functions exactly like standard COM ports and can be addressed as such by most application. With its compact size and detachable cable, the RS-232 Serial CardBus Adaptor is the most convenient way to connect GPS receivers, bar code scanners, printers, digital cameras and fax/modems with portable computers. They are also ideal solutions for a wide variety of applications including field data collection, industrial monitoring and control and office automation.


  • Bus: PCMCIA Type II slot
  • Port: one RS-232 serial port
  • Connector: one DB9 male connector
  • UART: supports all UART types from 450 u to 950 (fully programmable)
  • Data rate: up to 15Mbps
  • 128-byte deep transmitter/receiver FIFO
  • 3.3V low power operation, also compatible with 5V systems
  • Plug & play and hot swap capability
  • Ruggedized case with removable cable


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