HDMI 2.0 SPLITTER 1X4 4K Blue-ray 3D HDMI support HDCP

HDMI 2.0 SPLITTER 1X4 4K Blue-ray 3D HDMI support HDCP

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  • Fully HDMI2.0 Specification compliant. It is applicable to source device and high definition display terminal
  • device such as Blu-ray Players HDTV which have HDMI interfaces or digital interfaces.
  • On-chip HDMI Receiver and Transmitter core which are compliant with DVI 1.0,HDMI1.4 and HDMI 2.0
  • specification ON-chip HDCP RX/TX ciphers which are compliant with HDCP1.4/2.2 specification.
  • Wide Frequency Range: 25MHz-600MHz.
  • Supports high resolutions up to 4K×2K @60Hz including 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p,720p,1080i,1080p,2160p.
  • Supports jitter Clean capability for more cascadable stages.
  • Supports 12-bit Deep Full HD, Full 3D and 4k2k 60Hz video.
  • Supports standard Audio, DSD Audio and HD(HBR)Audio.
  • Supports 1 DVI/HDMI input port and 2 DVI/HDMI output ports.
  • Supports conversion of HDMI signaling to DVI/HDMI signaling.
  • Supports HDCP 1.4 to HDCP2.2 conversion.
  • Supports HDCP 2.2 to HDCP1.4 conversion.
  • Supports on-chip 512 byte E-DDC EDID RAM for input port.
  • Supports hot plug-play.
  • Cascadable to make more than 4 output ports.
  • Provide companion HDCP 2.2 Controller(EPF025R)with integrated HDCP keys.
  • LED indicate signal and power mode.


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